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What's going on with the sisters?

June 12, 2013: Happy 110th Birthday, ΣAI!!

110 years ago today in 1903, Sigma Alpha Iota was founded by Elizabeth Campbell, Frances Caspari, Minnie Davis Sherrill, Leila Farlin Laughlin, Nora Crane Hunt, Georgina Potts, and Mary Storrs Andersen at the University School of Music in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


May 11, 2013: Four Delta Alpha sisters graduate in 144th LVC Commencement!

Although we are heartbroken to see them go, Delta Alpha is so proud to have four graduating members for the class of 2013: Vicki Childers, Laura Gingerich, Samantha Oates, and Elise Wysocki! We wish you all the luck in the world and we look forward to future visits (WHICH BETTER HAPPEN)!

Vicki Childers  

Sam Oates  Elise Wysocki


March 17, 2013: ΣAI Weekend concludes with 12 new sisters!

Delta Alpha has 12 brand new sisters to hold as our own! After a very long but fun-filled ΣAI weekend, our girls are ecstatic to be apart of our sisterhood!

The weekend started on the night of Friday, March 15 at our first annual SAI and Sinfonia formal! Sisters and brothers of the two organizations met at the Quentin Riding Club located in Lebanon, PA. We enjoyed good food, amazing dessert, and hours of dancing (and skanking!). Not only did everyone look beautiful and handsome, but both groups equally enjoyed the night of festivities.

SAI Formal

The next morning (bright and early, unfortunately), some ΣAI sisters gathered at LVC's Arnold Sports Center for the LVC Live program. Incoming freshmen for the 2013-2014 school year visit the school to browse different clubs and learn more about their desired majors. Delta Alpha showcased pictures and scrapbooks from over the years, including information from last year's convention, thanks to VPR Corlynn Housman. We already have a list of interested freshmen for next year, so naturally we can't wait for another pledge class!

On Saturday afternoon, the Probationary Members of Sinfonia and the Members in Training of ΣAI performed selections from various composers and shows for the current brothers and sisters. They ended the musicale with "One Day More" from Les Miserables; they really put previous pledge classes to shame and raised the bar for those in the future!

SAI Weekend

Then FINALLY on Sunday, we initiated 12 new members! The long process of training is finally over and we are excited to call these wonderful girls our new sisters!

Initiation 2013


January 28, 2013: Spring training has officially begun!

Delta Alpha chapter has officially started training 12 girls to become sisters on March 17! Check out the 2012-2013 picture gallery to see more pictures of our new MITs, their bigs, and our soon to be 34 girl sisterhood!

2013 MITs

Back Row, from left: Lauren Ward, Amanda Philips, Jeannine Riley, Jananne Ferrere, Brittney Shue, Kaitlyn Schroding.
Front Row, from left: Carrie McFeaters, Hanh Hoang, Morgan Kratz, Aileen Koch, Lauren Bahrenburg, and Larissa Eriksen


January 21, 2013: Welcome back from winter break!

After a much needed and restful month, the sisters of the Delta Alpha chapter are back on the campus of Lebanon Valley College! After our first official meeting of the semester, we realized just how huge the 2013 Spring semester will be!

Sunday, January 27 will officially begin the pledging process for our prospective MITs. With the guidance of Vicki Childers, VPM, Samantha Oates, AVPM, and the rest of our beautiful sisters, our MITs will learn the history of Sigma Alpha Iota, see what the sisterhood stands for today, and form bonds with our current sisters. Check back within the next week to see pictures of the new girls and to hear how training is going.

Both of Delta Alpha's advisors, Dr. Rebecca Lister and Dr. Moorman-Stahlman, have campus recitals at the start of the semester. Dr. Lister, soprano, is performing on January 27 at 3pm in Miller Chapel, and Dr. Moorman-Stahlman, piano, is performing on February 3 at 3pm in Lutz Hall in the Blair Music Center. Current sisters will be attending in letters to show support for our wonderful advisors and we hope our alumnae sisters can also join us. Both performances will prove to be mind-blowing!

Delta Alpha treasurer, Stephanie Metal, and her fundraising committee plans on throwing some awesome fundraisers this spring. For the entirety of the semester, the sisters will be selling products from Mixed Bag Designs because of the popularity from last year. During February, the sisters will be selling hand-crafted jewelry so that once Valentine's Day rolls around, college boys will have the perfect gift for their significant others. Around Easter, the sisters will be selling chocolate eggs and bunnies to get LVC in the Easter spirit. And as usual, SAI will be selling funnel cakes and other snacks at our stand for LVC's Valleyfest! Be sure to come out to support your sisters, enjoy some great music, and shop around!

Last but certainly not least is our Pickwell Recital on April 12. Created to honor Mary Pickwell, a faculty advisor who passed away in 1963, current sisters perform songs by American composers in small ensembles and in large groups. This year, it will be run by Jenna Parrilla and Miranda Moyer, Delta Alpha's co-music directors. We already have a pretty insane program, so you cannot miss it!

More detail to come as our events draw nearer, so be sure to keep checking back! This semester will surely be an amazing one!